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How to obtain XML data - release mechanisms and frequency

The primary release vehicle for health and social care organisation reference data is a single file in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format. The XML file is published monthly along with several supporting products. The same data is also made available through an Application Programme Interface (API).

Published: 27 April 2018

Version: 1.1

XML products

The XML file and supporting products can be downloaded from Technology Reference-data Update Distribution service (TRUD). TRUD is an online service that allows the publication of data from various

You need to sign up to an account to get the data, however minimal information is requested and this will also enable you to receive alerts when updates are released.

Application Programme Interface (API)

From the 1 May 2018, an Application Programme Interface (API) will enable users to get daily updates. 

We've published guidance about getting organisational data via an API.

Last edited: 17 July 2019 12:25 pm