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How to convert XML to CSV

The change to XML introduces a different way of working for ODS data users. A range of tools have been developed to assist users. This guide explains how to transform transforming the XML content to meet local needs

Published: 27 April 2018
Version: 1.1

XML to CSV transform tool

An XSLT has been developed which enables consumers to transform the content of any XML product released by ODS into a set of CSV files suitable for populating landing tables in a database.

The XML to CSV transform tool is available via:

Register for the ‘ODS XML Organisation Data – Supporting Products’ pack under the Organisation Data Service menu/category.

A user guide is available in the file that contains the XML to CSV XSLT.

The resulting .csv outputs do not replicate the current ODS .csv file layouts.

All support tools are released under the appropriate license (Apache 2.0 License or Mozilla 1.0 License) and the relevant licenses are included with each package.

Last edited: 16 July 2019 9:58 am