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Organisation Data Service: Guidance for developers

Find developer guidance for the Organisation Data Service (ODS), including information on ORD APIs, HTTP headers, search parameters and creating a baseline.



Hosting Organisation Reference Data via an API is a step increase in service for all ORD consumers.  Consumers are able to access the data at their convenience rather than being tied in to fixed release schedules.  The data hosted within the service is updated daily directly from the ODS team and is available to all users and is accessible to any browser or REST client via the internet.  Users can baseline using XML products and read updates direct from the ORD API or use the service for Ad hoc queries using the search facility documented within these pages.

The API can be called using a REST client such as Postman or by building a custom REST client.

Please note that the IP address for the API is dynamic and it is advised that firewalls are configured using the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the service –

This guide details the ODS ORD API, which is designed to be compatible with the Organisation Reference Data information standard (DCB0090). This API contains the full record from ODS.

Note that the ORD API returns data in JSON format by default. Users requiring XML need to append the HTTP parameter “_format=xml” to retrieve data formatted as XML.

Developer resources

ODS ORD API endpoints

Find information about organisation, search, sync and CodeSystems endpoints.

ODS ORD API synchroniser demonstrator

Find out about the ODS ORD API synchroniser demonstrator.

HTTP headers

Find out about HTTP headers and REST client headers.

Search parameters

Find out about search parameters, including information on postcodes, record status, PrimaryRoleID and NonPrimaryRoleID, record class and summary record format.

Creating a baseline

Find out about creating a baseline, including information on full files, archive files and usage.

Glossary and links

A glossary specific to the Health & Social Care Organisation Reference Data (HSCOrgRefData) XML schema can be found within Appendix 1 of the data item catalogue.

All supporting products relating to XML Organisation Data (including the XML Schema, Interactive Object Model and Technical Specification) can be found within these ODS pages.

For technical queries regarding the ODS API Suite, or general queries regarding ODS data, please contact

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