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Health authorities and support agencies

Download our Standards Repository document for technical information about the standards used within our data downloads. Each zipped file contains the relevant file description.

File contents Current full file Date uploaded Quarterly/Monthly Available in XML Role code API call
NHS England Commissioning and Government Office Regions eauth 29 November 2019 Quarterly Y

RO128; RO132;
RO185; RO200;
RO203; RO204; RO209; RO210

see notes
Special Health Authorities espha 29 November 2019 Quarterly Y RO189 Special Health Authorities API call
Commissioning Support Units ecsu 29 November 2019 Quarterly Y RO213; RO216 see notes
Commissioning Support Units sites ecsusite 29 November 2019 Quarterly Y RO214; RO217 see notes
Executive Agency Programme eother 29 November 2019 Quarterly Y

RO89; RO90;
RO91; RO92;
RO93; RO102;
RO103; RO105;
RO116: RO126;
RO131; RO134;
RO136; RO146;
RO147; RO150;
RO158; RO159;
RO162; RO168;
RO191; RO212;

see notes
NHS Support Agencies and Shared Services ensa 29 November 2019 Quarterly Y RO161; RO106 see notes

Notes: Returning multiple Primary Roles within one query is not currently supported by the ORD API. Options are to create an API query for each individual role required to replicate the relevant .csv file, or to download a full XML file and then use the Primary Role Constrain tool.

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