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Data downloads

Download text files of bulk Organisation Data Service (ODS) data, available as self-extracting zip files. It is also available to download as a single package.

ANANA CSV Test Dataset now available – September 2019

From 1 April 2020 onwards new organisation codes will conform to a single uniform structure of five alternating alphabetic and numeric characters with a format of ANANA. Please refer to detailed guidance on this change at our information portal. A quarterly CSV production dataset including representative ANANA codes covering all organisation types in scope is now available for consumers to use for testing and assurance purposes. The content is based on the August 2019 data release. The scope of the release is generally the files contained in the OCS-Issue pack on TRUD plus postcode files. A spreadsheet has been created called ‘File_Assurance_Overview’ which details, for each product, whether it is affected by these changes and contains example data. The dataset doesn’t include all products, however we feel that it should cover a large percentage of consumer requirements. If a product has been omitted or additional data is required for your assurance please contact marking your query for the attention of the ODS team. A spreadsheet containing the ANANA codes which appear in the data is also available below. 

Note that in response to consumer requirements ODS may add additional products/updates to the dataset and the filenames above will be re-versioned as required. 

For XML ANANA test files see our xml data products page

API consumers should review the content on our guidance for developers page

Standards repository document

Download our Standards Repository document for technical information about the standards used within our data downloads.

Production schedule

Use our production schedule to find out about our publication release dates, along with information about the different types of release that we publish.

Terminology Reference Data-Update (TRUD)

ODS data is available as single package through the Terminology Reference Data-Update (TRUD), a File Transfer Programme (FTP) that will allow automation of data collection. Register for ODS Datapacks on TRUD.

Changes to organisation details

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Scotland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man

Archive files

Access databases

This information will not be published after August 2017. Our November 2017 newsletter provides further details.

The information is available on request please raise a call with the or raise a Self Service Portal call.

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