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Data downloads

Download text files of bulk Organisation Data Service (ODS) data, available as self-extracting zip files. It is also available to download as a single package.

Replacement of Direct Commissioning Offices with Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships

Within the ODS products, the Higher Level Heath Authorities currently reflect the NHS England Region Local Offices, also known as Direct Commissioning Offices (DCO).


From 1 April, NHS England replaced the DCO tier of the hierarchy with Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP). This change is not currently reflected in the ODS reference tables.


The ODS team will work to implement the new hierarchy structure to remove DCO and replace with STP for April 2020.

Standards repository document

Download our Standards Repository document for technical information about the standards used within our data downloads.

Production schedule

Use our production schedule to find out about our publication release dates, along with information about the different types of release that we publish.

Terminology Reference Data-Update (TRUD)

ODS data is available as single package through the Terminology Reference Data-Update (TRUD), a File Transfer Programme (FTP) that will allow automation of data collection. Register for ODS Datapacks on TRUD.

Changes to organisation details

England and Wales

Health authorities and support agencies 

Data for Commissioning Regions, Area Teams, Commissioning Support Units, Special Health Authorities, Support Agencies.

GP and GP practice related data

GP Practitioners, GP Practices, Branch Surgeries, Nurses Prescribes, Pharmacy HQs, Dispensaries, Private Controlled Drug Prescribes, Abeyance and Dispersal GPs.

Other NHS organisations

Clinical Commissioning Groups, CCG Sites, Care Trusts, Care Trust Sites, NHS Trusts, NHS Trust Sites, Welsh Local Health Boards, WLHB Sites.

Non-NHS organisations

Independent Health Care Providers (ISHP), ISHP Sites, Care Homes, Prisons, Justice Organisations, Schools, Local Authorities. Independent Providers (Non Healthcare)


Optical Headquarters, Optical Sites, Dental Practices, Dental Practitioners, Hospital Consultants, Archive and Successor Data, Default codes, Treatment Centres, Hospices, Pathology Laboratories, Education Establishments (Deaneries).

ODS postcode files

Regional postcode files from England, along with postcode files from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Office for National Statistics data

Country names and pseudo country postcodes, 1991 census codes, 2001 output areas, Ward Health Matrix and postcodes.

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man

Home countries

Scottish GPs and Practices, Scottish Providers, Scottish Purchasers, Northern Irish GPs and Practices, NI Boards, NI Trusts, NI Local Health and Social Care Groups, Isle of Man Organisations.

Archive files

Monthly archive 

Download update files from the last 3 months.

Quarterly archive 

Download update files from the last quarter.

Access databases

This information will not be published after August 2017.  Our November 2017 newsletter provides further details.

The information is available on request please raise a call with the or raise a Self Service Portal call.

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