Guidance for NHS Trusts on planning the NHS WiFi procurement and implementation process


Important factors to consider when planning your project.

We have collated some recommendations for planning your implementation project, based on lessons learned from implementation in primary care.

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Identify a project manager as soon as possible

A project manager should be identified as early as possible, so they can oversee the whole process from the beginning. Having a single responsible person to manage the process will make co-ordination much easier, particularly if several NHS trusts are working together.

Make sure you have estates information on your buildings before procurement begins

Providers will need to see floor plans, details of fire escapes and any other estate challenges that will affect installation plans. Landlords may be slow to respond to information requests. You might need to hire contractors to provide plans. You might also need to run an electronic audit of existing Local Area Network (LAN) switches and power availability. You should make sure you allow time to get this information at the start of the process.

Plan how you will keep care settings informed

All affected care settings must be kept updated on what is going to happen and when, and be supported through the process. This is crucial to successful implementation. A communications strategy should be part of your project planning, ensuring that key stakeholders are kept informed of plans and progress (including the benefits of the introduction of free NHS WiFi for staff and patients).

Allow enough time for both stages of implementation

Many of our priority adopters and fast followers found that implementation was easily broken into two stages.

1. Installation and estates considerations

This involves working with suppliers and estates to agree on a sensible local solution for NHS WiFi.

2. Technical configuration

This includes issues such as setting up landing pages, trust access points, and connections to wireless controllers.

Contingency time should be built into your plans so that any unexpected issues can be resolved.

Full checklist of responsibilities for planning the implementation of NHS WiFi

Download our checklist for implementation of NHS WiFi in secondary care, for a printable list of NHS trust and NHS Digital responsibilities.


Contact the project team on if you want any more information on planning for successful implementation of NHS WiFi.