NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model


The NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model (NIMM) framework helps NHS IT organisations to carry out an objective assessment of their IT infrastructure (to determine how developed/capable specific IT services are) and to identify infrastructure maturity improvement projects.

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NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model
The NIMM User Guidance, the Capability Assessment documents and other tools and information associated with NIMM can be requested from nimm@nhs.net 

NIMM overview
The NIMM framework is split into 13 categories, 74 capabilities, 5 perspectives and a number of Key Performance Indicators. 

    The two main tools within the NIMM framework are the:

    • Capability Assessment documents - these contain Key Performance Indicators that each capability is assessed against, resulting in a 'point in time' maturity score
    • Key Capabilities Self-Assessment spread sheet - this dashboard spread sheet records the scores from the Capability Assessments and gives an overview of assessment progress

    The NIMM Framework aims to provide a consistent framework for trusts to measure their capabilities in specific areas and to subsequently identify and prioritise areas for further development. The decision was taken to publish the NIMM as soon as the model was complete; content creation for the framework is still on-going.

    This approach enables health trusts to create their own assessments, aligned with NIMM, to support their local IT maturity assessments. Where such content is forwarded to the NIMM co-ordinator at NHS Digital, it will be merged into a centrally run service. This approach ensures that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics reflect achievable maturity levels within the NHS.

    If you have NIMM questions or feedback, local capability assessment documents or suggestions, please email nimm@nhs.net.

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      NIMM overview

      A summary of how the various categories, capabilities, perspectives and Key Performance Indicators make up the NIMM framework.