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Set up NHS Identity's Sandpit Environment

Get an introduction to NHS Identity's Sandpit Environment, including information on how to set up and request access.


NHS Identity facilitates its clients with an environment called the NHS Identity Sandpit Environment. It allows third parties to configure, access and try to get a real feel of the different capabilities offered by NHS identity.

The sandpit environment gives an opportunity to test the National RBAC using the configured test accounts.

Requesting access to the Sandpit Environment

NHS Identity has defined a process for the third parties to request access to the Sandpit environment so that they can start exploring the various capabilities offered by NHS Identity. This flow diagram will help you to understand the process of obtaining access to Sandpit Environment:

Sandpit Environment process flow for getting access

Access request form

Third parties need to download the access request form here and send the completed form to

Last edited: 3 July 2019 1:51 pm