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Integrate and use NHS Identity

Find out how to integrate and use NHS Identity, including information on requirements, self discovery and a service assessment questionnaire.

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    Using NHS Identity - process

    Find out about the high level business process flow that an interested third party would go through while starting to use NHS Identity. 

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    Self discovery

    An introduction to self discovery to assess your readiness to use NHS Identity, including information on how to assess your Identity Assurance Level, Authenticator Assurance Level and your Federation Assurance Level.

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    Requirements for NHS Identity

    Find out about the requirements needed for using NHS Identity.

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    Service assessment questionnaire

    This page provides a service assessment questionnaire to be answered by all interested parties before using NHS Identity.

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    Set up OpenID Connect

    Find out about OpenID Connect (OIDC) and how to configure and set up an OIDC environment.

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    Set up NHS Identity's Sandpit Environment

    Get an introduction to NHS Identity's Sandpit Environment, including information on how to set up and request access.

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