Enhancements to the Appointment Slot Issue process


Enhancements to the Appointment Slot Issue (ASI) process will be introduced from March 2018 onwards, to allow for a more simple and efficient process.

These changes will be delivered in phases:

Phase 1 Release 1 - March 2018

Service Providers will be able to access the clinical referral information from the ASI worklist before an appointment is booked, ensuring the patient is booked into the clinically appropriate service.

Service Providers will need to add a patient facing telephone number to all their services in the Directory of Services, that can be used by the patient if they have not been contacted within the specified timescale, for example 14 calendar days for a routine referral. 

Find out more in the following guidance video:

Phase 1 Release 2 - April 2018

Changes to the professional application and patient letters and the Manage Your Referral Application, to include the addition of the new patient facing phone number to allow providers to be contacted.

Phase 2 - delivery date to be confirmed

Further enhancements, based on user research, for example providing the ability for providers to redirect and book alternative services from the ASI worklist.