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Get your health app assessed

How to get a product published on the NHS Apps Library.

Benefits of the NHS Apps Library

Products assessed and published on the NHS Apps Library give developers increased exposure and reassure users and commissioners.

There are many benefits to having a health app or digital tool published on the NHS Apps Library.

These include that:

  • the product will reach the wider NHS community, helping to increase uptake and making it more appealing to commissioners
  • it’s the only place to find every health app and digital tool that has been assessed to NHS standards
  • the number of visits to the library is growing and currently stands at around 25,000 visits a week
  • visits to the NHS Apps Library have a 15% click-through rate to the App Store and Google Play
  • the NHS Apps Library is signposted from relevant health and wellbeing pages across the NHS website, which receives more than 30 million visitors a month
  • apps published on the library are available through an NHS API

Planned improvements

We plan to:

  • design a badge to help all NHS-assessed products stand out in the digital health marketplace
  • offer an API that will make NHS-assessed products accessible through healthcare systems and the NHS App
  • help prevent duplication, by showing details of products currently under assessment
  • help commissioners looking for digital health solutions, by showing contact details of developers who have successfully completed our assessment
  • add products assessed to NHS standards to health and social care procurement frameworks

How the assessment process works

Our digital assessment questions make sure that only safe and secure apps and digital tools are published on the NHS Apps Library.

Basic products will need to answer around 60 questions. More complex products might lead to 180 extra questions.

There are four steps to get your product published on the NHS Apps Library.

  • Step 1: check eligibility
  • Step 2: register details
  • Step 3: technical assessment and standards
  • Step 4: get published on the library

Support, responsibilities and reassessments

An assessor will review your answers and offer advice for how to bring your product up to standard if required.

Your product will need to be reassessed if there are any major updates to it.

This is to make sure that it still meets the necessary standards following the updates.

Developer legal agreement

You'll be sent our developer legal agreement to sign, which outlines your ongoing responsibilities.

It includes:

  • assessment process
  • intellectual property rights and licence to display health app
  • developer obligations
  • data protection
  • NHS Apps Library management
  • term and termination
  • representations and warranties
  • indemnities
  • confidentiality and freedom of information
  • publicity
  • disclaimers and limitations of liability
  • DAQ standard changes
  • insurance

Start the assessment now

Start your assessment once you're happy you understand the process.

Your first step is to check if your product is eligible.

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