NHS Apps Library


Trusted digital tools for patients and the public to manage and improve their health.

The NHS Apps Library beta was launched in April 2017 to help patients make better choices about the digital health and care tools they use.

To begin with, the library will have a small selection of tools to ensure they meet the high standard of quality, safety and effectiveness people expect from the NHS. It will also offer patients and the public the opportunity to tell us what they think about the apps.

The library is currently a beta site. We want to test how people react to the tools and the design of the library pages, and use feedback to make enhancements. Over time, the library will grow to cover many more health and care needs.

Information for developers

If you're a mobile health developer who is interested in submitting an app to the library, please visit the Health Developer Network to find out more. The Health Developer Network is a space that mobile health developers can use to create digital products that offer valuable healthcare benefits to patients.

The NHS is keen to work with developers and interested parties. If you would like to be involved and receive information on future updates to the NHS Apps Library, please register your interest.