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NHS App for suppliers

We're working with suppliers of technology to the NHS to make sure the NHS App can integrate with services they provide.

Online consultations

We’re currently working with a supplier, Econsult, on the first of type to validate the architecture and integrate an online consultation solution with the NHS App. 

We’re now starting engagement with other suppliers.

Existing suppliers

We’ll start by approaching suppliers who are already providing online consultations, purchased through the Dynamic Systems Purchasing (DPS) framework. This is because they have already proved their compliance with the online consultations technical standards and completed a competitive process to win tenders. This makes it easier for us to help them integrate with the NHS App.

We’ll contact the biggest suppliers, in terms of population coverage, first, and work down the list. We’ll work with them to establish what needs to be done to integrate, and how long the process will take.

Other interested suppliers

Once we’ve contacted all purchased suppliers, we’ll widen the scope to include other interested suppliers. 


We expect to be able to offer all suppliers the opportunity to integrate by the end of 2019.


Further information

Last edited: 24 June 2019 6:29 am