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Benefits to practices and patients

Find out why practice staff and patients love the benefits the NHS App gives them.

The NHS App will help you meet your targets for registering patients to GP online services as set out in the GP contract. The app doesn’t change the online services that are already available. It’s a new way of accessing them that can encourage uptake.

When we offered the NHS App to patients during the pilot, 40% of the people who used it had never used other GP online services.

Most people will be able to verify their identity through the NHS App, rather than having to visit the practice. This is more convenient for patients and saves you time in practice.

We will promote the NHS App to the public in early 2020, when surgeries are all live, helping to drive uptake and saving your practice time and money.

Because of this, the NHS App is a great way to help get more of your patients online.

More patients booking appointments online can also save you time and money. Use the time saving calculator to work out how much time you could save. 

Making more specialist appointments available online, improving access, can also help towards Quality and Outcomes Framework/Enhanced Services (QOF/ES) targets.

Benefits to patients

Patients like the NHS App because:

  • they get 24-hour access from anywhere
  • they don’t waste time trying to get through on the phone
  • they have more control over when they book appointments
  • they can cancel more easily if they need to
  • they can order their repeat prescriptions easily
  • NHS login means in most cases they don’t have to come into the practice to get access
  • when they do still call rather than using the app, phone lines and reception staff are more likely to be free
  • they have access to information about their medications, conditions and treatments wherever they are

Benefits to practices

Practices like the NHS App because:

  • staff spend less time dealing with requests to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions 
  • errors are less likely to occur when appointments and prescriptions are managed through the app
  • patients can cancel appointments more easily, so DNAs (did not attends – where a patient does not turn up to a booked appointment) are reduced
  • in most cases patients can verify their identity themselves, through NHS login, saving practice staff time
  • safeguards and controls are in place to make sure people cannot abuse the system, triage can still occur, and vulnerable patients are protected

Further information

  1. internal

    Guidance for GP practices on the NHS App

    Check your systems, find out what staff need to know, get posters and other materials to tell your patients about the app, and find out the benefits to your practice.

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