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NHS App strategy: developing the digital ecosystem

Making features of the NHS App available for wider use

A key part of our strategy is to make the digital infrastructure that the NHS App is built on available to others so they can benefit from it.

Biometric authentication

We recently released the code that enables people to login to the NHS App using fingerprint and facial recognition  so that others can use it in their platforms. 

NHS login

The most important element of this infrastructure is NHS login

NHS login provides citizens with a simple and secure way to login to a range of digital health and care services wherever they see the NHS login button. Suppliers of digital health and care services can now integrate NHS login into their services using the NHS login self-service toolkit.  

Push notifications

We have built a push notifications service into the NHS App. This means that any supplier that we integrate into the app will have the ability to trigger push notifications to users.

Linking with GP IT systems

The NHS App uses APIs to pull information securely from the 4 IT systems that are currently used by GP practices in England. It does this by combining them into a single ‘broker’ (via Interface Mechanism 1 (IM1)). 

We are exploring whether the opportunity to make the broker available for use by the wider ecosystem would bring benefits to citizens and the wider ecosystem. If you have views on this, tell us what you think.

Last edited: 16 June 2020 3:20 pm