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NHS App information for clinical commissioning groups

This page provides information and guidance to support clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) with the NHS App

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) play a crucial role in shaping the future of local digital services. Find out how you can give your views on our proposed strategy for the NHS App, and encourage practices to look at the experience they provide to patients via different digital services.

1. Read the proposed strategy for the NHS App, and provide your comments to help shape our approach and priorities

2. Spread the message to GP practices

Our research shows that patients have a much better experience in the NHS App and other digital services if the practice has carried out a few basic actions.

You should encourage practice managers to visit the guidance for GP practices which will help them to prepare their systems and staff.

You can help us to spread this message to practices using any channels you have available, such as newsletters, emails and events. A communications pack has been sent to CCG communications teams that provides templates, images and more to help with this. Your NHS England regional communications team can provide a copy of this pack if you have not already received it.

What GP practices need to do

Our guidance for GP practices tells staff what they need to know, including the benefits to patients and practices of the NHS App.

There are 3 simple steps that practices need to do to prepare.

Brief staff

We've created guidance for briefing practice staff on the NHS AppThis includes information about how practices can help patients to register for the NHS App and a video demo.

Prepare clinical systems

Practices need to consider what appointments they make available to book online and ensure they are named clearly in their clinical system. This will help ensure that patients can understand what the appointments are and book the correct one.

We've created guidance for practice managers and IT leads on the system settings they should check.

Tell patients

When practices have briefed staff and prepared their systems, they can promote the app to their patients. We have produced a range of materials to help practices promote the app to patients, including a short film for the waiting room screen and a template text message.

View our guidance for GP practices on promoting the NHS App to patients.

3. Promote the NHS App to patients

Patients are more likely to have a positive experience of the NHS App if their practice is well prepared. 

You should only promote the NHS App to patients in your CCG area when you are happy that practices have prepared by following the 3 steps and guidance set out above.

The communications pack sent to CCG communications teams includes a range of patient-facing materials that will help you to promote the NHS App in your area. Contact your NHS England regional communications team if you have not received this pack.

You can download NHS App leaflet and posters if you want to do a professional print run for practices in your area.

4. Track uptake of the NHS App in your area

Use the NHS App dashboard to see how many patients in your area are using the NHS App, and which features they are using.

You can see figures broken down by GP practice, CCG and other geographical areas.

Find out about the NHS App dashboard and how to register.

Last edited: 3 March 2020 5:04 pm