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Patient records

Patients can view their medical record through the NHS App.

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The level of detail a patient sees in their medical record through the NHS App is set in the practice's clinical system, and not by the app itself. The default level of access a patient has is generally ‘summary care information’, which includes demographic, allergy and medication information.

Patients who wish to access more sections of their medical record, or believe there is an error in it, will need to raise this directly with you at the GP practice. This is because the practice remains the custodian of the patient’s record and decisions about whether to provide access or amend it must be made by a clinician.

Patients who have already been given access to more sections of their medical record will be able to access them via the NHS App.

The app will not enter any information into a patient’s record.

Last edited: 20 August 2021 2:08 pm