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GP Online Services clinical system configuration: Action required before enabling online record access

Action is required by general practices to ensure that they are ready for the planned change and their clinical system is updated to allow prospective (future) record access to patients.

EMIS have identified the need for general practices to update their organisation (global) settings for online services in order to be able to provide record access to patients. If a practice does not update these settings, they are unable to meet their current GMS contractual obligation  to provide full record access, and patients will not receive online access to their prospective (future) records from November 2022.

The organisation (global) settings must be updated manually by the individual practice (as data controller) before the change.

For EMIS practices who have already updated their organisation (global) settings, please check if this has been updated correctly as shown in the EMIS section of how to configure settings for online services below.

EMIS: Organisation (global) settings for online services

  1. EMIS Patient Facing Services section of EMAS Manager should be activated; this is demonstrated by a green tick beside the application. A red cross displayed indicates that the application is not activated.
  2. Records access settings in EMAS Manager should be set to “Use detailed coded record settings” and then all features that the patient will see (allergies and medications are mandatory. Laboratory test results, documents, immunisations, problems and consultations) should be selected including ‘display free text from: 01-Jan-1900’. (EMIS recommend to display free text from 01-Jan-1900 because it minimises the risk of patients being given individual dates prior to this.)

Organisation (global) settings override individual online user settings. You can select a feature for an individual patient in registration, but if that feature is disabled in EMAS Manager, the patient will not be able to use it.

EMIS Web - Online Services – Full record access (EMIS Now login required). 

Organisation configuration setting flowchart (for EMIS practices only).

TPP Configure settings for Online Services

TPP will change practice organisation preference as per guidance under Change to Preferences on page 5 of the TPP Online Service guide

If Online Services is disabled at an organisation level, practices should check their online service preferences under Existing Preferences in the TPP SystmOne user guide ('Patient Record Access Preferences' from page 4).

Last edited: 13 September 2023 12:18 pm