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Exploring some of the benefits and experiences of online access to GP health records

Explore some of the benefits of giving people online access to their health record information via the NHS App

Better access to health information enables patients to better understand and manage their health, leading to better health outcomes and improved patient and staff satisfaction.

Evidence demonstrates that access to records:
  • increases patients’ feelings of autonomy, understanding of their health and ability to self-care
  • supports patients to prepare for appointments by acting as a written reminder or record of previous interactions
  • reduces the need for patients to contact general practice to get test results and referral notifications
  • increase data quality within patient record by enabling patients to flag if they think there are inaccuracies in their record
  • positively impacts on clinical indicators such as glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) in diabetic patients

Improving care for patients with long term conditions

Patient Online: how GP online services have enabled Hugh, who is registered blind

David, a patient a New Court Surgery uses online access to manage his diabetes diagnosis.

Helping patients get the most out of their appointment:

I’ve seen my records and I’m able to raise questions before getting to the doctor, making sure I leave the GP with all my questions answered and all my queries being taken away. 
I can look at my records, think about it and have questions ready for my doctor. 

Benefits to patients

Online health record access will reduce the burden on GPs long term. The key benefits observed to date by early adopter sites include the following:

Feedback from GP practices which provide online health record access

Smoother journey for the patient and the practice

We are able to point people in the direction of the online access if they phone up asking for results and this saves a lot of time for our reception team. It enables me to co-design plans so that people can look at their results and take action depending on what they are.

It soon becomes business as usual

 A year on from switching on access, I would say that all our staff are now confident in the systems we implemented. It now feels very much like business as usual.

It reduces the admin burden

As a practice we have seen a reduction in administration time due to no longer needing to print off letters for patients, such as insurance and housing support.

It really does help our patients

 I now often put notes from a consultation into the patient’s record together with any instructions, so that when they open the app at home all the information is there rather than them having to write it down on paper which they could lose.

Our patients get to see results more quickly

 During appointments I can advise patients to look at their online record to see the outcome of tests and investigations rather than having to contact the practice directly. They welcome this improved access, and it involves them more in their care.
 We say to patients go and have your blood tests. Have a look at the App and there will be a note from the doctor on there with what you need to do. This enables the patient to be part of their health journey. 

Last edited: 14 March 2024 1:37 pm