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Resources to support staff with providing record access to patients

Training sessions

We are running training sessions to support staff with these changes.

Please book onto the session most relevant to your role.

Films to support general practice staff

A suite of 6 films have been produced to support general practice staff in their preparations to ensure that all people have digital access to their GP-held records.

The films will allow general practice to familiarise themselves with record access systems, build confidence and embed staff training. 

Giving patients access to future general practice records

An introductory film outlining the change to patient record access. With prospective data being made available automatically for all patients from 1 November 2022, this film details the key aspects of this change to be aware of.


Why and when to make information not visible in patient records

This film details how to record sensitive information to a patient record and the actions to take in particular circumstances. 


When to consider not providing record access to a patient 

A film addressing potential safeguarding concerns surrounding patient record access. Specific scenarios including circumstances that may cause harm, changes in circumstances, vulnerability and coercion. 


How to redact on TPP SystmOne 

A practical demonstration on how to redact information from a patient record, including how to redact historical information and how to redact during a live consultation.


How to redact in EMIS Web 

A practical demonstration showcasing the features of EMIS Web which relate to patient record access. The film demonstrates when information becomes visible to a patient, how to prevent information being made available and how to change visibility.


Conducting and documenting consultations that empower  patients when they access their records 

With all patients having online access to their future patient record from 1 November 2022, this film details ways to conduct a consultation when patients are able to see their records. How to document clearly and ways to include the patient whilst recording patient notes.

Guidance on offering prospective record access

Prospective record access guidance has been developed by NHS England and BMA General Practitioners Committee in England to support GP practices in meeting the commitment to give new registrants with full online access to prospective data, subject to existing safeguards for vulnerable groups and third party and system functionality. 


Guidance and materials for admin staff

Guidance and materials are available to support administrative staff with these changes.  


Further information

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