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NHS App dashboard

Health and care staff can track uptake and use of the NHS App with the NHS App dashboard.

NHS App dashboard

The NHS App dashboard enables you to see how many patients are using the NHS App across England, and which features they are using. It can be accessed by anyone with an NHS email address.

Information you can get through the dashboard

You can choose to view figures at weekly or monthly data level.

You can view figures broken down by:

  • regions
  • sustainability and transformation partnerships (STP)
  • clinical commissioning groups (CCG)
  • GP practice

You can view figures for the use of the individual features of the NHS App at any of these levels,  including:

  • registrations – and registrations by patients who have not previously used patient online access
  • appointment bookings and cancellations
  • record reviews
  • prescription requests
  • visits to NHS 111 online
  • organ donation registrations and withdrawals
  • users visiting the health A-Z
  • users visiting the national data opt-out site

The data is updated weekly, every Wednesday at 4 pm. You can only see data for complete weeks or months.

How to access the dashboard

Access the NHS App dashboard

To access the dashboard, you need to log in to your OKTA account. This is the same account used for other NHS Improvement services on the NHS Improvement website. Log in and then click on ‘My account’, select ‘Your analytical products’ and select ‘NHS App dashboard’.

I do not have an OKTA account

Register for an OKTA account and wait for your account to be set up, before following the process above.

You may have to wait up to 30 minutes before gaining access. If you still cannot get access after 30 minutes, contact IT and raise a ticket via

Background to the NHS App dashboard

The NHS App dashboard is provided by NHSX, NHS Digital, and NHS England and Improvement. It enables those working in the health and care system to monitor the adoption and uptake of the NHS App. This information can then support strategic decision making at all levels of the system.

Last edited: 21 June 2022 4:20 pm