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Pippa Chilman

Pippa is an NHS App Ambassador.

Pippa holding a phone with the NHS App open

I’m a mental health nurse and the NHS is something I hold close to my heart.

It cared for my grandmother after she had a stroke and needed 24-hour care. It cared for my father during a long illness. I met my husband while working for the NHS and I had both our sons under its care. The NHS has touched my life in so many ways.

I’m passionate about making the NHS sustainable for future generations and I think digital tools like the NHS App are essential to help achieve this.

Pippa's story

I always wanted to be a nurse. At age 18, I began working in a local care home so I could gain more experience in healthcare. Three years later, I found work in a local psychiatric hospital and continued to work in several other mental health settings over the years. During this time, I got married, bought a house and had my children.

In 2015, my father passed away and seeing the fantastic care he received from the NHS made me realise again how much I wanted to be a nurse – but I was worried. I had a mortgage and two small boys under the age of three. I hadn’t studied for a long time and didn’t know if I would manage a degree.

I did it, though. After three tough years of studying while raising a family and working at the same time, I graduated last year with my mental health nursing degree. I’m so happy working as a community mental health nurse and I love supporting people to stay in their own homes and empowering them to live their life to the best of their ability.

Making things better

My love for my profession has encouraged me to continue to study, and I started my master’s degree in patient safety and quality improvement as soon as I finished my degree.

While I love nursing, I’ve become incredibly passionate about improving NHS services, and using digital tools like the NHS App can really make a difference. The app is helpful for me, both at home and at work.

How the NHS App helps

We have several health conditions to manage in our family. My youngest son and I have severe asthma and my husband has haemolytic anaemia. We often need to access GP surgery services quickly, and now I don’t have to take time out of my working day to call my GP surgery to book an appointment. I can do it on the app at a time that suits me.

I encourage my patients to use the NHS App, too. As well as booking appointments, it makes ordering repeat prescriptions fast and easy.

The symptom checker can also help people with mild symptoms to care for themselves at home, instead of attending a face to face consultation. Not only does this save everyone’s time, but as a community nurse I try to advocate reducing the NHS’s carbon footprint in any way I can.

All these features add up to saving a lot of time and money – and every bit helps ease the pressure on the NHS.

If you don’t have the NHS App already, download it and give it a go.

Get the NHS App

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Last edited: 13 February 2020 12:45 pm