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Harriet Brown

Harriet is an NHS App Ambassador.

Harriet holding a phone with the NHS App open

Harriet's story

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Harriet and I’m a chartered Physiotherapist. My background is in neurological rehabilitation and I now specialise in older people’s rehabilitation, falls and community rehabilitation. I’m very keen on health promotion and encouraging my patients to remain active. I also work as a Pilates instructor at a local studio which combines my passions of rehabilitation, self-management of long-term conditions and empowering people stay strong and to age actively through exercise.

My husband is a paediatric Physiotherapist – so between the two of us we have all bases covered - I look after the old and he looks after the young! We have three lively young boys aged 10, seven and four. We’re an active family – the boys do sports and are happy to use the trampoline in the garden all year round! We do a lot of activities together as a family whenever we have the chance, it’s really important that we make time for outdoor walks and adventures.

Sounds like you have your hands full – how does the NHS App help you manage?

We're a digitally savvy family – we use apps on our phones to set the heating and lighting in our house and keep track of our energy consumption. The NHS App now means that we can now not only manage the running of our house, but also our healthcare while on the move.

It makes some of my family ‘admin’ quicker and easier, so we can spend more time together doing something much more fun.

What features of the NHS App do you find most useful?

At home, my husband uses the NHS App to organise his prescriptions and order repeats to help manage his type one diabetes. It saves him a lot of time.

I’m also looking forward to being able to use the app to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions for the boys when the proxy access for parents feature is made available. It’s reassuring to think that if we have a bad night, I’ll be able to check the app and see what appointments are available the next day instead of hanging on my GP’s phoneline at 8am. Convenience is the key for me.

At work, I find the symptom checker a useful tool to quickly double-check the latest NHS information and advice about my patients’ medical conditions while on the move. I know I can trust the information on the app since it’s from the NHS.

You work with a lot of older people – do you think the NHS App is going to be of use to that generation?

Yes definitely! I think the NHS App has the potential to bridge generations because of its simplicity and convenience.

My 89-year-old grandma uses it already, which means she can take care of her health in the comfort of her home.

How do you think the NHS App will benefit the wider public?

People's lives are so busy and digital tools like the NHS App makes it much easier and quicker for people to manage their own healthcare. It gives them the opportunity to navigate around the different systems which the NHS App brings together and to feel more in control of their health. Digital technology has come on so much in the last decade - it seems that everything these days is linked to a computer or an app. It makes perfect sense for our healthcare system to have the technological capability for us to care for ourselves in this way.

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Last edited: 7 February 2020 3:16 pm