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Dionne Daniel

Dionne is an NHS App Ambassador.

Dionne's story

See how Dionne is benefiting from using the NHS App.

Why I use the NHS App - Dionne Daniel, senior nurse, Barts Health NHS Trust (transcript)

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I'm Dionne. I'm a senior nurse at Barts Health NHS Trust.

I've got type 2 diabetes and I commute four hours a day.

The NHS App makes it easier for me to plan my appointments, to keep on top of my results, and to make sure that I've got my prescriptions ordered.

I can do this on a train, on the way to work, or on the way back from work, so it makes it so much easier.

The NHS App is useful for different generations. So, I use the app myself, but it's also useful for people like my aunt. It gives her easy access to information, it means that she can be kept informed and she can use that information to make decisions about her health.

The NHS App makes life easier for me. It helps me manage my health on the move.

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