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Potential Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms reported through NHS Pathways and 111 online

This data set provides potential Coronavirus (COVID-19) triage information for NHS Pathways telephony data and 111 online data in England. 

This data has been released to inform the public and support the health and social care system in planning.  The data will be published daily and will be collected via 111 and 999 telephony, and via the 111 online system. 

This data is based on potential coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms reported by members of the public to NHS Pathways through NHS 111 telephony, approximately half of 999 telephony and 111 online in England, and is not based on the outcomes of tests for Coronavirus.

This is not a count of people. In 111 online, any user that starts and launches the Coronavirus (COVID-19) assessment services is indicating they may have symptoms of Coronavirus. They may have accessed the service multiple times with different symptoms.  For NHS Pathways, it is a count of triages through NHS 111 or 999.

Users of 111 online can change answers and reach multiple dispositions so the data indicates those users that have started an assessment and completed a final disposition. 

Users enter their current location which may differ from their home postcode.

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NHS Pathways Coronavirus data dashboard

This dashboard shows the total number of NHS Pathways triages through NHS 111, approximately half of 999 telephony data, and online assessments in 111 online in England which have received a potential COVID-19 final disposition. 

We will update this dashboard every day and will develop it and the open data in line with user feedback.


Accessibility of this tool

This tool is in Microsoft PowerBI which does not fully support all accessibility needs. You can find the source data in our publication. If you need further assistance, please contact us for help.

Last edited: 16 September 2020 10:32 am