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Ophthalmic Payment System

The Ophthalmic Payments System is the central system which helps opticians to submit claims for NHS work and receive payment, known as GOS claims (which stands for General Ophthalmic Service). It also provides central reporting and fraud detection tools to the NHS, as well as providing the information for the central Optician Directory.

What the service does

The system provides for the entry of all the GOS claim vouchers types.

General Ophthalmic Services claim forms

Code What the form is for
GOS1 Application for an NHS funded sight test
GOS2 Patient's optical prescription or statement
GOS3 NHS optical voucher and patient's statement
GOS4 NHS optical repair or replacement voucher application
GOS5 Help with the cost of a private sight test
GOS6 Application for a mobile NHS funded sight test (domiciliary visit)

It can also process hospital eye service vouchers. Sight tests may be recorded individually (where resources permit) as recommended by the Counter Fraud and Security Management Service, or as batched claim records.

The system also provides the facility for opticians with accredited systems to submit electronic files of claims. The NHS organisation/local health board may configure the system to decide how these claims are processed, either automatically or by manual inspection and approval of individual claims.

Contact details

Contact the Exeter helpdesk by emailing or by calling 0300 303 4034

Further information

internal NHAIS downloads

NHAIS user reference manuals, available to download as a PDF.

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