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Mobile Technology Investment Toolkit resources

Download the full Mobile Technology Investment Toolkit, which includes all resources, or download the resources individually.

Stage  Resource Description
All Download the full toolkit The full toolkit includes all resources listed below.
Vision Benefits profiles exemplars Example benefits profiles from mobile working projects.
Vision Benefits dependency map exemplar Sample benefits dependency maps for the use of mobile technology in community solutions and ward based observations.
Vision Mobile project examples List of all local mobile project examples used to inform the toolkit.
Vision National policy and guidance Summary of national policy and guidance used to inform the toolkit.
Strategy Benefits realisation plan template An exemplar benefits realisation plan to support deployment and tracking of benefits.
Strategy Community mobile working ROI calculator A tool to calculate return on investment for community mobile working based on staff numbers, grades and types of benefits expected. 
Strategy Benefits matrix A matrix summarising potential benefits of mobile working.
Strategy Benefits guide A guide summarising a framework for how benefits can be well managed and realised.
Strategy User to device mapping tool A practical tool to establish the landscape of users and technology needs when developing your mobile strategy.
Business case Ward information management system example Sample business case template for use of mobile technology to enable ward based capture of data.
Business case Community mobile working template A business case template for use of mobile technology to enable community mobile working.
Business case Device selection considerations A list of practical considerations in choosing operating systems, devices and ensuring training and support is in place.
Business case Technical considerations A summary of technical infrastructure considerations for mobile solutions.
Business case Community mobile solution checklist A checklist of common requirements for mobile community software.
Procurement What to buy list A summary of what to buy to support your mobile deployment.
Procurement Procurement guidance A summary of available national procurement routes with example purchases.
Procurement Enterprise mobility management (EMM) or MDM A summary of intelligence available and considerations in selecting an EMM solution.

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