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Technical information for Message Exchange for Social care and Health (MESH)

Information for systems suppliers and NHS IT specialists.

Set up MESH using the MESH client

To set up MESH you need to:

  1. check the supported platforms
  2. apply for a MESH account for the organisation you're responsible for (identified by unique ODS code). If the form is filled in correctly, including estimated message sizes and volumes, you should get registration information back within 10 working days.
  3. check that your firewall settings are configured correctly for connecting to MESH using DNS
  4. set up a MESH end point certificate locally (the system uses mutual authentication to provide a high level of security.)  You can either: 

You can then install the MESH client: download the MESH client installation pack which includes the MESH client installation guidance

You can choose to install MESH as a service if you want it to start automatically when the server boots up. (This option is only available if you are running the MESH client on a Windows operating system.) Download the installing MESH as a service pack which includes the guidance on installing the MESH client as a service.

Integrate systems using the MESH server API

Systems suppliers can develop their systems to integrate with the MESH service without installing the MESH client, by using the MESH server API (a RESTful web service). Before the API can be used in a live environment, the NHS Digital Solution Assurance team will need to test it to make sure it works properly. For more information please contact our national service desk on 03003 035 035 or email


You can get an integration environment, the MESH test client, so that you can test MESH. To access this you need to register with Solution Assurance by emailing Request two accounts so you can test sending and receiving messages.

Include the following information:

  • mailbox information
    • mailbox name
    • Organisation Data Service (ODS) code
  • contact details
    • name
    • organisation
    • telephone
    • email

You will be sent a link to access the MESH test client once your registration is complete.

MESH and changing system suppliers for GP practices: avoiding clinical risk

If a GP practice changes clinical systems to or from TPP SystmOne, the address used for messaging will change. This must be managed as failure to receive messages is a clinical risk. Download the guidance for GP practices changing clinical systems: managing clinical risk

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