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Message Exchange for Social Care and Health: apply for a mailbox

NHS organisations, IT specialists, adult social care teams and individuals can use this form to request a MESH mailbox. This new single form can be used to access the MESH user interface (UI) and MESH client/API.

To complete this form you will need to know:

  • your organisation name and address
  • your organisation data service (ODS) code
  • the contact details of a nominated representative within your organisation
  • the contact details for any third-parties managing the mailbox on your behalf
  • the type of data you'll be sending and receiving via MESH
  • the approximate file size of the data you'll be sending

If you're requesting a MESH UI mailbox then you'll also need to give the contact details and unique user identity number (UUID) of the administrator responsible for adding new users to the mailbox.

Search for your ODS code (N3/HSCN connection required).

Complete all required fields.

The form will be sent to our national service desk for processing.

GP practice staff and Health Informatics providers should contact their Clinical System Supplier.

Please do not send any medical information via this form. 

Statement on patient identifiable data

This service allows you to access patient identifiable data from SPINE.


All your existing confidentiality responsibilities apply as well as established privacy and security policies and procedures. In particular, data extracted must be protected appropriately, whether stored locally, on servers, on removable media, or paper, and destroyed when no longer needed for the original purpose for which it was obtained. If you are unsure of your responsibilities, or need to refer to relevant documentation, please contact your local information governance team.


Read the removable media guidance for health and care organisations.

Last edited: 21 January 2020 1:27 pm