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Local Service Providers

The Local Service Provider (LSP) programmes support the Department of Health in the management and delivery of LSP contracts for critical IT systems and services across England.

CSC LSP Programme

The CSC LSP Programme manages the contract that provides IT products and services to NHS organisations across the north, midlands and east of England.

These include the Lorenzo Electronic Patient Record service.

We have been commissioned by the Department of Health to support trusts to exit the contract for products and services where it has ended. Most products and services have already been exited in a way that has been good value for money, without a loss of capability to the service.

South Local Clinical Systems (SLCS) programmes

These are three locally-owned programmes that deliver electronic patient records to Community and Child Health, Acute and Ambulance providers in the south of England.

The programmes are sponsored by the Department of Health and supported by an NHS Digital team which supports implementing the programmes and getting the maximum benefit from their chosen system.

The overall programme ends in March 2019. The three programmes are the:

  • South Community and Child Health Programme, which implemented a community and child health IT service to nine community providers in the south delivered by The Phoenix Partnership (TPP). It funds local contracts for the service until August 2017

  • South Acute Programme, which is designed to provide collaborating local NHS organisations with maximum independence, whilst being guided by NHS Digital to support the procurement process when buying a range of clinical information systems. It funds local contracts for the services until March 2019

  • South Ambulance Programme, which provides a mobile electronic patient records service to South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust delivered by Ortivus, for a better, safer, more integrated care experience for patients and ambulance crews. It funds local contracts for this service until December 2017

LSP Benefits and Exploitation Programme

The LSP benefits and exploitation programme ensures that NHS organisations maximise and report the benefits they get from using IT systems by committing ourselves to providing best practice guidance, tools and case study examples.

We offer bespoke services to the needs of NHS organisations. These include:

  • benefits and realisation tool

  • knowledge sharing

  • targeted expert resource identification, quantification, base-lining, realisation, measurement and reporting of benefits

  • training

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