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Non-functional attributes

Guidance on the non-functional attributes you should consider when designing or remediating Digital Services to be available over the public internet.

There are 9 key non-functional attributes that should be considered for any Digital Service.  Each organisation’s requirements will be different, and suppliers should work with consumers to decide what is needed. 

  1. Performance - speed of processing transactions
  2. Security - security levels for protection of data (see Cyber, information governance and data security guidance)
  3. Access - permissions, who has access to which service and functionality, and how they access it (see user accessibility and authentication guidance)
  4. Backup and recovery - protection against data loss
  5. Archiving and retention - duration, methods and eventual deletion
  6. Robustness - reliability, data integrity and user error
  7. Availability - timeframe for availability of functionality
  8. Usability - ease of learning and ease of use
  9. Capacity - volumes of data, transactions and users (see network sizing and capacity guidance)

Non-functional attributes resources

Last edited: 12 October 2020 10:59 am