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IP, DNS and hosting guidance

Technical guidance on IP addressing, domain name systems and hosting.

IP addressing

Organisations that commission or procure Digital Services need to understand the use of IP addressing as these services move to be available over the public internet.

Historically, NHS Digital and its predecessor organisations have centrally provisioned and allocated both private and public IP addresses for use on the HSCN and previous private networks. Organisations that currently use the IPv4 private addressing allocated by NHS Digital will need to migrate to public addressing (either IPv4 or IPv6).

Document your use of IP addressing in your asset register.

Suppliers of Digital Services to health and care need to understand the current use of private IP addresses to remediate existing services.

Identifying current IP address allocation

Health and care organisations will have been allocated a block of addressing for use on the HSCN. Contact the NHS Digital IP address management team to understand your organisation's allocation of IP addresses. 

If you find you have been allocated addressing that your organisation is not using, tell the team.

Your organisation may also have been using additional IP addresses allocated to you. If you believe you have been allocated IPv4 RIPE addresses, but are unsure of the range allocated, visit the RIPE website and use the search functions to identify the IP addressing that may be allocated to your organisation.

IP addressing resources

Domain names

The domain name system (DNS) is the way that internet domain names are located and translated into internet protocol (IP) addresses, and vice-versa. 

DNS resources


Where your Internet First compliant services will be hosted is an important consideration.


Hosting resources

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