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Integrated Urgent Care Domain Message Specification

The Integrated Urgent Care Domain Message Specification is an agreed set of standards for sending information between providers.  It is designed to support services such as NHS 111, NHS 111 online, and the repeat caller service.

This API standard is a later version of the NHS 111 API standard. It was developed but not used.
We recommend you use the NHS 111 API standard instead.


The standard ensures that messages are passed at the right time, to the right place, with the right information.

The messages include requesting an ambulance for a patient, checking to see if a patient has already been in contact with other services, and delivering reports from one provider to another.


The specification does not require the receiver to have access to Spine Directory Services (SDS).

Users will need to undergo accreditation through the Interoperability Toolkit (ITK).

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Last edited: 11 April 2022 4:29 pm