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Stage 4 - procurement execution

Part of the HSCN journey for customer led procurements.

The procurement execution stage depends on which procurement approach you've chosen, and in the case of a collaborative or an individual self-serve procurement, it also depends on which route to market you've chosen.

The new dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for HSCN Access Services, RM3825, is live for customers.  In the paragraphs below we describe the DPS at a high-level - more information is available via the CCS website or by contacting 

Collaborative self-serve procurement

In a collaborative procurement, you'll need to execute the procurement yourself, for example administering the process, clarifying questions, engaging in supplier discussions, evaluating responses and awarding the framework or contract. You'll also need to engage legal support at the appropriate times and work directly with Crown Commercial Services (CCS) as required if you use one of their frameworks. A legal entity, such as a lead partner, will need to lead the procurement.

It's expected that most procurements will go through either an Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) process or through RM3825.  

The details of the OJEU process are not replicated here and you are referred to the official OJEU website for more information. Alternatively speak with your local procurement team or reach out to the HSCN programme through your HSCN Migration Manager.

The section below describes the process for using RM3825 at a high level. More detailed information is available via the CCS website or by contacting 

Using RM3825

RM3825 was launched in October 2017. You are able to run your procurement on this system as a further competition. This will be quicker and simpler for you than running a full OJEU, however the scope of services is restricted to HSCN compliant connectivity only. If you plan to procure overlay services such as voice, video, local area network or wifi then you'll either need to procure them separately using other frameworks,such as RM1045, or consider running an OJEU procurement for your full scope of services.

CCS will be able to share with you a draft timetable for running a competition on RM3825, along with all necessary guidance on how to run your procurement process. You'll need to talk directly with CCS if you require support from them to run your procurement - although the default position is that you need to run the process yourself, CCS will review this on a case-by-case basis.

The DPS can support either a one or a two-step procurement process, in addition to supporting a pre-qualification down-select if required.

The pre-qualification down-select is a process used to help you shortlist suppliers to invite to tender where there is a level of complexity involved and technical ability required. You'll then have confidence that suppliers can meet the requirements when a large number apply.

The procurement is an open process, meaning you must specify your full requirements upfront. Your evaluation can include a clarifications process, but it cannot include options for negotiations or competitive dialogue.

All HSCN compliant suppliers are able to compete on the DPS and you can use it to procure a catalogue of priced HSCN services; this is what is being done for the aggregated procurements that NHS Digital is running. All organisations wishing to call-off services must be named on the procurement and we will require you to order services within six weeks of contract award. If you need to deploy connectivity to new sites in the future then the DPS can accommodate this either through contract change control, the placement of additional orders from the contract, or by you running further competitions.

A call-off contract is a framework agreement with a supplier, where a customer can select and order (call-off) from a range of services available. 

If new legal entities wish to use the DPS they will need to run their own competition - they cannot use your catalogue unless they are named on it. Note however, that new sites within a legal entity that was named within a procurement under the DPS can order services under that competition.

Individual self-serve procurement

In an individual self-serve, you have the same options available to you as the collaborative procurements, albeit as a single organisation rather than a collaboration amongst multiple organisations. In addition, please note that if you opt to use the new HSCN DPS then you need to run the process yourself or pay CCS for a service.

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