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Stage 6 - cease TN services, business as usual (BAU) operations

Part of the HSCN customer journey for aggregated procurements.

The paragraphs below summarise this stage. 

Ceasing your N3/Transition Network circuit

Once you have completed migration to HSCN, or confirmed that you no longer require N3-Transition Network (N3-TN) connectivity, you will be responsible for ceasing your legacy N3-TN services.  Prompt ceasing will minimise your N3-TN payments once HSCN charging begins.

This should follow the normal termination process, as per the pre-existing contract. In summary, the process will include:

  • issuing a cease request notice to BT
  • organising the collection and/or disposal of legacy network equipment if required - note that configurations should be wiped by BT at the end of a successful migration process and consumers can choose the best alternative for disposal of obsolete equipment
  • where you have a ‘complex’ migration, or services are still in-term, a cease quote is required from BT.  As this can take 20 working days, the cease quote should be requested at least one month before the planned migration date

Requesting a cease

Once the HSCN service is operational and migration has been successfully completed, or you have determined you no longer require your N3-TN connection, you should raise an BT Continuing Order cease notice with BT to terminate your legacy services. 

The cease request should not be initiated before migration has successfully been completed and you are satisfied services are running stably, but should be soon after this point as you will continue to be billed for legacy services until they have ceased which can result in unnecessary dual running costs. Please request a cease to your existing services by raising a request on the BT Continuing Orders portal via the BT CRM at or by phoning the BT Continuing Orders Helpdesk on 0800 085 0503. Alternatively, contact your Continuing Orders point of contact to request to start this activity. 

Upon receipt of the termination notice, BT will perform the decommissioning of any legacy equipment that is required and provide a decommissioning report.
NHS Digital cannot request this on your behalf but can offer advice and support as required, you can get in touch at

BAU operations

How your new HSCN services are managed during BAU operations depends on which procurement approach you've chosen.

Procurements via RM1045/RM3825

Crown Commercial Services will manage the RM1045/RM3825 frameworks on an on-going basis which should not have any material impact on you. This will be described in more detail in due course.

At the day-to-day operational level, you, as the organisation calling-off the HSCN service, will be responsible for managing that contract, for example ordering, moves/adds/changes, service management engagement and reviews, billing reconciliation and payment.

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