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Stage 4 - procurement execution

Part of the HSCN customer journey for aggregated procurements.

The new HSCN dynamic purchasing system, called RM3825,  went live in October 2017. In the paragraphs below we describe the dynamic purchasing system at a high-level. More detailed guidance is available on the RM3825 page of the Crown Commercial Service website.

Aggregated procurement

NHS Digital will run aggregated procurements as further competitions on RM3825. We'll assign the necessary resources from the HSCN programme, from Crown Commercial Services and from our legal partner to execute the process and complete all necessary activities. You'll have an opportunity to participate in a regional evaluation team to help evaluate tender responses, however there will be limited spaces for this and we'll therefore seek nominations from the region. 

All aspects of the procurement will be managed by NHS Digital however, as customer stakeholders, we'll keep you informed through regular reporting on progress subject to any commercial or legal constraints.

Once the procurement is complete and a supplier is awarded the contract, you'll need to engage with the supplier and call-off the services that you need.

Aggregated procurement timetable

The aggregated procurement timetable shows when NHS Digital plan to launch each aggregated procurement. 

Last edited: 21 May 2019 2:56 pm