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Stage 3 - procurement mobilisation

Part of the HSCN customer journey for aggregated procurements.

The procurement mobilisation stage focuses on capturing requirements, creating the relevant procurement documentation set, and planning and launching the procurement process.  

It's expected that most procurements will go through either an Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) process or through the new HSCN dynamic purchasing system called RM3825. Whilst there are fundamental differences between the two routes, the set of key procurement documentation that will be required is similar and is summarised in the table below.

Key documentation Description
HSCN Obligations Framework (OF) The OF already exists and HSCN compliant suppliers have already agreed to its terms. Customers need to be aware of the content of the OF as it forms the basis of all HSCN services offered by suppliers.
Statement of Requirements (SoR) Each procurement will have a SoR capturing the detailed requirements for their regional network solution, including technical, service management, migration and commercial aspects. The SoR needs to be considered in tandem with the HSCN Obligations Framework.
Organisation List Organisations cannot be part of multiple HSCN procurements. We therefore need to be clear which procurement you are in.
Site List The postcode and public switched telephone network (PSTN) details of each site where services are required. All known sites should be specified upfront.
Current Inventory NHS Digital are able to provide a comprehensive inventory of your legacy TN connections. You'll need to provide additional relevant inventories if you wish to include network connections from other incumbent providers in the scope of the procurement.
Future Connectivity Requirements You'll need to indicate which services you are likely to go on to order once your procurement is complete. This is not a committed list, but it is important to give the market an understanding of the likely demand and for you to highlight any major planned changes from your current TN services.
Pricing Catalogue Template The Pricing Catalogue Template will need to include all HSCN services and variations that you may wish to order now or in the future. Suppliers will be asked to price each service in the template against each of the sites listed in the Site List.
Call-Off Terms The terms and conditions under which services will be ordered, delivered and managed.
Evaluation Methodology and Criteria Details how the tender responses will be evaluated.
Procurement Plan Details the procurement process and timetable along with the resourcing approach for execution.

In addition to the above list, a full suite of procurement documentation including the Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) or Invitation to Tender (ITT) and various supporting schedules will be required. The exact composition will depend on your procurement approach. Similarly, the process for creating and agreeing all of these documents will vary by approach. The paragraphs below explain the differences in detail.

Aggregated procurement

NHS Digital has created a Requirements Overview Template for organisations taking part in an aggregated procurement.

In an aggregated procurement, NHS Digital will work in collaboration with CCS to create the necessary procurement documentation, using a set of template documents that are being produced as part of the framework. Some of these will require your input, such as the Statement of Requirements, and this input will be gathered through a series of regional workshops which NHS Digital will arrange with you.

These workshops represent the bulk of your input into the procurement mobilisation stage so it's important that the relevant people from your organisation attend. The workshops will be run as all-day events where we'll be focusing on technical, service management, migration and commercial/procurement management aspects in turn. The majority of the aggregated procurement requirements and process will be fixed by the HSCN dynamic purchasing system and its terms, and therefore cannot be altered. Some aspects however may be open to variation, such as if you want to choose a service wrap (a set of services, bought in addition to the HSCN connection).

During the procurement mobilisation stage, NHS Digital will assign the management, commercial and legal resources that will be executing the procurement process. However, there will be an opportunity for a small number of customer representatives to participate in tender evaluation process.

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