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Stage 2 - project initiation

Part of the HSCN customer journey for aggregated procurements.

Replacing legacy TN connections with new HSCN services will require the initiation of a dedicated project. This project will need to plan, manage and direct:

  • the beginning and execution of the procurement
  • the call-off, implementation and migration of services
  • the transitioning to operations of the solution and the decommissioning of TN services

A call-off contract is a framework agreement with a supplier, where a customer can select and order (call-off) from a range of services available.

Aggregated procurement

In an aggregated procurement NHS Digital will initiate and lead a project, on behalf of all participating customers, to begin and execute the procurement. You'll be included in the governance structure as customer stakeholders and we'll keep you up to date on progress through regular reporting. You'll have the opportunity to input into the requirements and, to a limited extent, to participate in the bid evaluation stage. Ultimately however, NHS Digital and Crown Commercial Services (CCS) will be responsible for the majority of activities.

NHS Digital, through the HSCN programme, will create a project team and assign the necessary technical, commercial and legal resources. You, as a consumer, will need to nominate appropriate people within your organisation to:

  • act as points of contact
  • participate in requirements workshops
  • call-off services
  • own your resulting contracts and services

The NHS Digital team will publish a plan for your aggregated procurement, indicating when workshops are being held and when you will need to order your services.

The NHS Digital Field Force (FF) and Deployment Office (DO) teams will support you during your migration to HSCN, however once the procurement is complete, you'll be responsible for ordering your HSCN services and working with the supplier to coordinate your implementation and migration.

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