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Prescribing Services escalation process

The Prescribing Services helpdesk is trained on all aspects of the products and has clear escalation paths for those needing support.

The helpdesk team allocates tickets, tracks and traces progress and monitors common themes and issues. There are three escalation levels.

Level 1 - helpdesk

  1. Users are encouraged to select 'Contact Help Desk' on the system user screen (shown on the screenshot below)
  2. Call 01603327575
  3. Or email

Prescribing Services GP IT escalation screenshot

The full system audit trail through the whole escalation process includes:

  • personnel allocation
  • timestamps
  • end user communications
  • internal notes, and
  • knowledgebase capabilities

Level 2 - senior management

Call 01603327575 and ask to escalate an issue to senior management, if it needs further investigation and trouble shooting.

Level 3 - director level

Call 01603327575 and ask to escalate to a director if need be, who will assume ultimate responsibility for unresolved issues.

Last edited: 11 April 2018 5:38 pm