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Supplier requirements and performance reporting

Our services consistently meet a set of contracted service levels, including service availability, system responsiveness, answering user calls within defined timescales and fault resolution targets.

Meeting our service levels provides the NHS with high quality, efficiently delivered services. Our performance is overseen by NHS Digital Service Management.

Report and escalate GPSoC IT problems
If your GP IT system isn't working, contact your local IT support. If they can't fix it, escalate the issue by reporting it to the supplier.

Service levels and summary document

GPSoC suppliers must adhere to the service management requirements and standards set out in the Service Level Specification (SLS)

GPSoC supplier service performance

GPSOC Supplier Service Performance for October 2019

You can compare key aspects of GPSoC supplier services, such as:

  • incident resolution
  • service desk performance
  • system availability 

KPI data is provided by suppliers and published without validation to make it available quickly. The data is checked during the monthly performance review cycle, with errors addressed at that stage. The KPI reports are therefore subject to change. 

HSSI reporting

Higher Severity Service Incidents (HSSI), sometimes referred to by suppliers as 'major incidents', are incidents that cause a serious interruption of business activities. Once resolved, suppliers must a HSSI Report within 10 days.

This normally includes the incident background, incident handling, impact, resolution activities, root cause and preventative/improvement actions. Depending on the circumstances, we may conduct a post-incident review.

Latest HSSI reports

Some safety incidents or security issues are not publicly available, to ensure that safety and security guidelines are followed.

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