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Request changes to national GP IT systems

Users of GP principal clinical systems and subsidiary modules in primary care can request changes and new functions. You might know of this as the Requirement and Validation Engagement Process (RAVE).

If you use GP principal clinical IT systems and subsidiary modules in primary care you can request changes and new functions. This is known as the Requirement and Validation Engagement Process (RAVE). To request a change, please complete the change request form and the scoring worksheet and send to us at

Change request form
Scoring worksheet

What happens next

We aim to respond within 2 weeks of receipt of your request.In April 2018, we implemented a new change request process. That process ensures all changes are assessed and either considered for delivery under the existing GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) framework or for delivery under the future framework that will be introduced to replace GPSoC. Not all changes submitted will be delivered under GPSoC due to supplier constraints. We will contact you to walk you through the process, the next steps and likely timescales.

The process step-by-step

1. Request validation - change requests are received and verified
2. Assess and accept - change requests are reviewed, prioritised and impact assessed
3. RAVE - Change requests are defined and elaborated through engagement with stakeholders
4. Develop and deliver - work is scheduled, monitored and assured through deliveryIt is important to recognise that not all new requests will be taken through to development and delivery. We will maintain a backlog which will include queued changes awaiting scheduling and supplier capacity.

Change management

Change management is the process by which pieces of work can be prioritised and scheduled.

The criteria for establishing priority are:

  • improved patient safety and reduced clinical risk
  • operational continuity
  • enabling interoperability
  • reduce burden in practice
  • clinical benefit to patients and clinicians
  • regulatory and legislative compliance
  • enabling preventative care
  • improved patient access to health and care services
  • enabling self-care
  • other strategic and contractual drivers

Each change request will be scored against the criteria by the requestor and a group of subject matter experts.

The score gives an indication of relative importance and does not necessarily determine the order in which work is delivered.

Work is scheduled by considering factors such as benefits, size, relevant deadlines, supplier capacity and the priority score.

Contact us for further information at

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