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GPSoC agreements

The 3 GPSoC Lots are bound by the terms and conditions of tailored framework agreements. There are 3 main types of agreement:

This is between the Secretary of State for Health and the GPSoC supplier. It describes all of the systems and services that the suppliers can provide and that local organisations can order. The agreement details the terms and conditions that the suppliers have to meet for how these services are delivered.

This is awarded to suppliers that provide systems and services under the terms of the framework agreement. The agreement allows services to be ordered [link to How to order] on 'Schedule A', which is an annex of the call off agreement. It details the scope of services and who they are provided to. 

There are two types of Call Off Agreements that enable GPSoC services to be ordered.

Central call off

This agreement is between the Secretary of State for Health and the supplier. It enables the central ordering of services by NHS Digital.

Local call off

This agreement is between the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the supplier and enables local ordering of services by CCGs.

This agreement ensures that the practice and CCG comply with their responsibilities for providing GPSoC and GP IT Services.

The diagram below shows the different contracts in place to support the provision of GPSoC services and details the different parties between whom the contracts are signed.

GPSoC contract journey image

Lot 1 - GP principal clinical systems and subsidiary modules

Lot 2 - Additional GP IT Services

Lot 3 - Cross Care-Setting Interoperability Services

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