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GP Connect progress

GP Connect capabilities need to be built into both GP patient record systems and IT systems used by end consumers, such as NHS 111, ambulance services and hospitals.

See which suppliers have made progress to integrate GP Connect into their systems.

GP patient record system suppliers

GP Connect capabilities will be available for commission from GP system suppliers across England subject to successful development, assurance, testing and first-of-type (FOT) deployment. In the first instance, suppliers, end users and commissioners should contact the programme team to register an interest and discuss their use case in more detail.

The table below provides more information on the status of each of the capabilities the GP Connect Programme will deliver by clinical system. This refers to progress to date on the GP system supplier side.

Provider supplier

Clinical system

Access record: HTML

Appointment management

Access record: Structured



Full roll-out approved

Full roll-out approved

Full roll-out approved


EMIS web

Full roll-out approved Full roll-out approved

In first of type


Vision 3

In first of type

In first of type

FOT ready



FOT ready 

FOT ready


Consumer supplier progress

These suppliers provide GP Connect integration to primary and secondary care services throughout the NHS. These are the products that allow NHS 111, extended access centres and more to view detailed patient records and book GP appointments remotely.

Supplier Product name + version Access record HTML status + spec version Appointment management status + spec version Access record structured + spec version GP Connect Send Document + spec version
EMIS EMIS web Ready v0.7.3 Ready v1.2.7    
TPP SystmOne Ready v0.7.3 Ready v1.2.7    
Sussex Health & Care Partnership Sussex OCC GP Connect MW Ready v0.7.3 (API only)      
Sussex Health & Care Partnership Sussex OCC GP Connect Viewer Ready v0.7.3 (UI only)      
Person Centred Software HSCN Gateway Ready v0.7.3      
Eva Evolution Ready v0.5.2 In development    
Advanced Adastra Ready v0.5.0

Ready v1.2.7

EA Hubs direct booking in

IC24 Cleo Ready v0.5.0

Ready v1.2.7

EA Hubs direct booking planned

Devon Partnership NHS Trust Havana     Ready v1.2.7  
Cleric Computer Services Cleric Patient Services v5.6 Ready v0.5.2

Ready v1.2.7

EA Hubs direct booking - not ready

Push Doctor v1.0 Ready v0.5.2   Ready v1.2.6 In First of Type v1.3.0
InterSystems   Ready v0.5.2   Ready v1.2.6  
Lorenzo       In assurance v1.2.6  
Servelec Connexes API Platform v1.0 Ready v0.5.2      
Cambridge GP Connect v0.5.2 Ready v0.5.2      
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust SeeEHR v1.8 Ready v0.5.2      
Yorkshire and Humber Care Record Interweave Exchange Ready (API Only) v0.7.3      
Yorkshire & Humber Care Record Interweave Portal Ready (UI Only) v0.7.3      
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust   Ready v0.5.0      
Medical Management Systems MeDBase Lite v1 Ready v0.7.2     In Assurance
Medusa   Ready (UI only) v0.7.3      
Restart Viper360 Ready v0.5.2      
MIS Emergency Systems Ltd Alert C3 IUC Bookings Ready v0.7.2 Ready
Nervecentre Software Nervecentre Ready v0.7.3      
EMIS Health GP Connect Viewer Ready v0.7.3      
Everylife PASS Ready v0.7.3      
AT Tech Dr IQ Ready v0.7.3      
Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Humber Clinical Portal Ready (UI only) v0.7.3      
Appt Health Recall 1.0   Ready (API only) v1.2.7    


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