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Getting involved with GP Connect

We are supporting partnerships of health and care organisations and software suppliers to develop products that can use the data made available by the GP Connect APIs.

Set up GP Connect to support electronic transfer of CCAS patients

GP practices should configure GP Connect now, to enable the Covid Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS) to book appointments directly into your clinical system. CCAS will pass certain patients suspected of suffering from coronavirus (COVID-19) out to primary care when appropriate, for further assessment and treatment. Find out what guidance and support is available.


GP Connect is for direct patient care

Products can only help people share, view or act on information that they are already legally entitled to access but cannot access easily because they are using different IT systems or set-ups.


GP Connect APIs can only be used legally for direct patient care, not for planning or research.


Direct patient care is defined as a clinical, social or public health activity concerned with the prevention, investigation and treatment of illness and the alleviation of suffering of individuals. It includes:


  • supporting individuals’ ability to function and improve their participation in life and society
  • making sure care and treatment is safe and high quality through local audit, managing when things go wrong, and work to improve satisfaction by measuring patient outcomes 

Last edited: 10 August 2020 11:15 am