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Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) manual indicators user guide

This guide describes how to enter the four required manual indicators for QOF 2019/20.

If these indicators are not completed, QOF achievement and aspiration will not calculate and payment may be delayed.

The indicators that need to be manually entered for QOF 2019/20 are:

  • QI001
  • QI002
  • QI003
  • QI004

Step by step guide

  1. Select the Data Submission tab from the CQRS main menu.
  2. Select the Record Achievement option and select the correct financial year.
  3. Select Quality and Outcomes Framework service from the drop-down box.
  4. Set the achievement date to 31 March - the end date of the financial year.
  5. Select Add New Achievement.

Add new achievement for QOF screen in CQRS

  1. Select Quality Indicators from the indicator group list

Quality indicator group list in CQRS

  1. Enter the Yes/No value for each of the indicators then press Submit Achievement Data

Selecting yes/no value for each indicator in CQRS

If the rest of the QOF data hasn’t been extracted yet, you will see the following message:

Message if the rest of the QOF data hasn't been extracted yet

Click Yes.

  1. After submitting your data, you will be taken back to the Indicator Group screen. You will then see a message at the top of the screen informing you the submission has been successful.

Indicator group screen in CQRS showing a submission has been successful message

If you have submitted the required manual indicators by midnight on 31 March 2020, your information will be collected and CQRS will calculate your QOF 2019/20 achievement payment and QOF 2020/21 aspiration payments.

When the collection is complete you will see the information in CQRS and be able to declare it.

Last edited: 24 February 2020 5:06 pm