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Quality Outcomes Framework

We collect information for NHS England about General Practice (GP) achievement under the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). The information we collect is used to calculate GP payments for the current financial year, and to set aspiration payments for the following year. We run other QOF reporting collections throughout the year, but these are not related to payment.

Reporting collections

We run reporting collections throughout the year, with the information made available in CQRS afterwards. We advise practices to check it against the information in their clinical systems.

If collected information appears incorrect:

  • contact your clinical system supplier to check what information was collected
  • gather evidence to demonstrate correct information
  • contact your NHS England area team

We advise keeping CQRS final QOF achievement submission reports for future reference. QOF information is kept on CQRS for at least 5 years.

Year-end collection for payment

At the end of the financial year, QOF achievement data is extracted and used to calculate GP payments for the year.

For more information, see the following guidance:

Year-end guidance

Action required

The following actions must be completed by the deadlines indicated below:

Action Deadline
Participate in QOF 19/20 on CQRS 27 March 2020
Complete the relevant actions in the year-end checklist 31 March 2020
Input manual indicators 31 March 2020
Participate in QOF 20/21 on CQRS 27 March 2020

If you have not received an offer for participation in CQRS for either of the QOF services, contact your commissioning organisation.

Manual entry

For practices where an automated extract is not possible, full manual entry of QOF into CQRS will be required. Your commissioning organisation will advise if you need to do this.

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