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PCV Hib / Men C vaccination programme


Your Regional Local Offices (RLO) have the option of using CQRS to manage this service or to continue to use local process. If your RLO decides to administer the service via CQRS, your practice will receive an offer message through CQRS.

Purpose and outline

This vaccine boosts protection against Hib disease and protects against meningococcal disease caused by type C Neisseria meningitidis bacteria. It is given at 12-13 months in the UK schedule. The Hib/MenC vaccine was introduced in 2006 as a result of studies which showed that protection against Hib provided by the 5-in-1 vaccine given in the first year waned during the second year of life. It is a combination vaccine, which reduces the number of injections a child needs.

This childhood vaccination programme commissioned from GP practices. Currently there is no standard payment tool to support this programme and therefore has previously required local solutions which puts additional workload burdens on both the GP practice and NHS england local teams.

By creating a manual payment portal on CQRS we provide a single national solution that will reduce the burden and deliver a solution which links to the national payment solutions.

How this service is commissioned and provided

This is a GMS contract additional service included in the core GP contract.

The requirements for this programme are set out in the Statement of Financial Entitlements:

Clinical guidance can be found in the relevant chapter of the Green Book:


Information about this service

Quality service start date: 1 April 2020

Quality service end date: 31 March 2021

Payment period: Quarterly

Collection frequency: Quarterly

Manual or automatic entry: Manual

Included in data collection: Not applicable

Co-commissioning: No

System type: Vaccination and immunisation 

To access this service on CQRS, please check that you have access to the correct service type.

In CQRS, select 'My Account' from the top of the page to see a full list of all viewable services.

If you don't have access to this type of service, ask your user administrator to update your profile.

Service guide

Our service guides describe how to participate, manually enter and declare achievement for this service. 

Payment count/ Clinical codes

No business rules are published for manual services.

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