NHS Health Checks


NHS Digital, acting on behalf of Public Health England (PHE), will be collecting information about the numbers of people who are invited to an NHS Health Check and either attend or do not attend.

Purpose and outline

This information will be extracted in June 2018 using the General Practice Extraction Service run by NHS Digital.

NHS Digital will be using patient records, held securely by NHS Digital, to analyse information about people who have been invited for and attended an NHS Health Check, and the numbers of people who have been invited for but not attended an NHS Health Check since 2009.

PHE will be using information from records for patients aged 40-74 years (the age group that the NHS Health Check is aimed at), and people aged 18-39 years who have been invited for and/or attended an NHS Health Check. This will provide information about cases where people may have been invited and/or attended an NHS Health Check before reaching the eligible age of 40.

How this service is commissioned and provided

This service is commissioned under a Direction by the Secretary of State. For more information, please email nhshealthchecks.mailbox@phe.gov.uk.

Important information about this service


Quality service start date


Quality service end date


Payment period

No payment generated

Collection frequency


Manual or automatic entry


Included in data collection

All system suppliers (TPP, INPS, Microtest and EMIS)



Service type

Non-quality service

Payment count/clinical codes

Commissioners and practice should refer to our supporting business rules for information on management information counts and clinical codes.

Have a question about the GP Collections service?

Please contact enquiries@nhsdigital.nhs.uk.

For CQRS technical support, please contact support@cqrs.co.uk or call 0800 440 2777.

Further information

  1. external

    Privacy notice

    Privacy notice for NHS health check for adults aged 40-74 years.

  2. internal

    NHS Health Checks business rules

    NHS Digital are responsible for producing and maintaining the extraction specification (business rules) for NHS Health Checks.

  3. external

    NHS Health Checks website

    Information about NHS Health Checks, including guidance for commissioners and providers.