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Learning disabilities observatory


The Learning Disabilities Observatory (LDO) is working on the Health and Care Project, which aims to get a more detailed understanding of the health of people with learning disabilities in each part of the country, the care they get and how this compares to the health and care of people who don't have learning disabilities. 

The programme will ask about each local area where the NHS provides care these are known as Clinical Commissioning Groups. It collects information about how many people there are with (and without) learning disabilities in each area. 

It will also ask about:

  • general health measures
  • regular health checks and immunisations
  • conditions that are important for people with learning disabilities
  • health problems important for everyone
  • how well some key illnesses are being managed. 

It will also ask how much difference there is in care for people with learning disabilities and others.

The information will help Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGSs) and other health and social care planners to make sure they look after people with learning disabilities, along with other people.

How this service is commissioned and provided

This service is commissioned by NHS England.

Read more about the Learning Disabilities Observatory Health and Care Project.

Find out about the Data Provision Notice (DPN)

Important information

Quality service start date

Quality service end date

Payment period: No payment generated

Collection frequency

Manual or automatic entry: Automatic

Included in data collection: All system suppliers (TPP, INPS, Microtest and Emis)


Service type: Non-quality service. 

Business rules

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