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HPV vaccination programme

HPV completing dose (booster) vaccination programme.

Purpose and outline

This service is routinely provided by school vaccination services. It is recognised that some students may miss the schools programme and present to their GP practice to request vaccination. As part of the 2018/2019 GP contract negotiations, it was agreed that where practices provide this service to their patients it can be reimbursed.

This is only to be provided on request from the patient and if the patient has missed the schools provision. It is not expected that this should be an alternative provision to the service commissioned to deliver through schools, and practices will not proactively offer the vaccination to patients.

We do not expect a high number of claims.

Where GP practices have been commissioned as part of local arrangements, they should agree with their area team the reporting and payment arrangements. They should not use this service.

Where a programme is CQRS/manual only, practices are required to use the clinical codes as provided in the technical requirements document on NHS Employers website. Business rules will not be provided, so practices should decide the best mechanism for reporting the figures, either by developing their own templates or by working with their system supplier to create a template.

How this service is commissioned and provided

This service is provided as part of the GMS/PMS contract provision.

NHS England service specifications.

NHS Employers vaccination and immunisation guidance


Important information about this service
Quality service start date 1 April 2019
Quality service end date 31 March 2020
Payment period Monthly
Collection frequency Monthly
Manual or automatic entry Manual - this is a manual entry only service and does not require GPES support for 2018/19
Included in data collection N/A - no data extract
Co-commissioning No
System type Vaccination and Immunisation (V&I)

*to access this service on CQRS, please check that you have access to the correct service type. In CQRS, select 'My Account' from the top of the page to see a full list of all viewable services. If you don't have access to this type of service, ask your user administrator to update your profile.

Service user guides

The Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) user guides describe how to participate, manually enter and declare achievement for this service. Activity and achievement should be recorded monthly.

Payment count/clinical codes

No business rules are published for manual services.

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